Cute Belgian Malinois Puppies Photos

Belgian Malinois is a very well proportioned, square body proportions, elegant gesture, lifted his head and neck are very proud. It is strong, flexible and muscular, and always remain vigilant. Standing, viewed from the side, the body and limbs square ratio, ie, the back, the arms, the back legs forming a square structure estimates. The whole structure gives the impression of depth and reliable, but not awkward.

Giving the impression of men than women are more common, a little more, while women generally look soft. Belgian Malinois action smooth, free and easy, it is a business. Flexible movement is stronger than the driving force. Fast walking, Belgian Malinois as a single track trail, front and rear legs due to gravity and collect midsection. Topline is level and stable, consistent with the direction of movement. The species is not a straight line running around a circular running. Belgian Malinois have a strong desire to work, quick to respond to commands from the owner.

Cute Belgian Malinois Puppies Photos
Picture of  Belgian Malinois Puppy

Cute Belgian Malinois Puppies Photos
Cute Belgian Malinois Photos

Cute Belgian Malinois (The Protection Dogs)

Belgian malinois puppy or just call with Malinois is a very loyal puppy. He likes to be close to his master, whether it's on a morning run when his master, nor is sitting reading he always stands beside his master. Not infrequently he as well likes to follow his master into the house or a small room. They are very sensitive, so so quickly figure out the mood of his master, is again happy, sad or angry. Malinois have a so sharp intellect. They were do not like to put in the training, but in a positive way produces remarkable properties.

Belgian Malinois is a sensitive family puppy. They were really like to do anything for his master. They are not race like dikandangin or kept away from his master. They were are also a very energetic puppy. It is important for note that if you are not prepared and the do not like the high activity level, you will suffer. Malinois if not given anything for be done they are will do something on its own and the usually you do not enjoy