CUTE PUPPY PICTURES SHARPEI is a breed of dog that almost all body -shaped wrinkled texture . Sharpei name itself comes from China, which is called Sha Pi ( Hanzi :沙皮) which means " sand skin " . When I was a baby , Sharpei has a lot of wrinkles . But the age of consent , wrinkles began to diminish and become one with the skin . This type is not recognized by the American Kennel Club until 1991 .


Although there are various kinds of color Sharpei , but this race has the same characteristics as the Chow Chow , the blue-black tongue . In infants Sharpei , almost the entire body including the head and neck were covered with sheets of skin wrinkles . In the adult Sharpei , wrinkled united with the skin, so that wrinkles stay left on the head and neck . Maintaining the wrong way can lead to adult Sharpei still have wrinkles which covers the entire body . With small ears , snout like a hippopotamus and tail erect , very unique indeed Sharpei

Sharpei breeds originating from Guangzhou province which is famous for guard dogs . Sharpei previously suspected drugs were given to fight , because the basic nature of the idler . Initially , loyalty Sharpei explain why they act as guardians of the royal family in China . These dogs are ideal in defense ; with small ears and eyes " entered " into , it is difficult for anyone to grab it . Even if successful , the grip on the wizened Sharpei easier to spin and bite back . Since Mao Zedong came to power, he crushed all of which relate to the kingdom , including Sharpei dog up to this race ever recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as " the world's rarest dog " . Since then , Sharpei became popular in the world as a dog a good home , as proof that this race is actually a family dog than a dog fighter .
Recent DNA analysis shows Sharpei is one of the oldest dog breeds. Sot this CUTE PUPPY PICTURES SHARPEI is one of famous dog in world

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