How To Maintain And Trains Dogs Pitbull To Be a Guard - Pitbull dogs often synonymous with fierce , not only that a pitbull dog has a nickname as a dog killer, then do not be surprised if this one breed of dog that many feared people who see it. But behind it all is to have its pet friendly user alias , but he was special weapon. And the most accurate version of this dog view, depending on orders from his master or the ajing use, can kill can also apply very well.

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This dog has an aggressive temperament , very high balls . At first , this race is designed as fighting dogs , pitbull now widely used as a guard dog and hunter . In ground water , it is often used for hunting wild boar . Even in specialized arena, pitbull dogs competed with wild boar. So bite the opponent , he was reluctant to let go even up to death.

Pitbull dogs including a smart dog, but tends difficult to take orders and desperate love. But the controversy statatus pitbull breeds of dogs are still floating. Many versions of the origin of this dog.

There have called the result of interbreeding between pitbull bull terrier with bulldog. There is also the assumption Masitif result of cross breeding with Terrier . Some are saying there is a pitbull dog breeds . Based on the literature , his ancestors believed to come from the English bulldog.

While the character is considered to be recalcitrant pitbull , savage and stupid is not true . The proof can be seen from the test results of the American Temperament Test Society , an institution engaged in the provision of services for dog hobbyists in the U.S. to determine the level of compliance, intelligence, and the aggressiveness of the dog.

The test results show , it has a value of 82.3 % pitbull , aka he passed the test. While the golden retriever is worth 81.9 %. " Once there was a dog in prison Alcatraz test to pursue navi swimming in the ocean . And the pitbull is the only dog that managed to drag him back to the mainland.

Another specialty, pitbull has tremendous power. Even as a pitbull attractions often attract a jeep CJ 7. So strong muscular front legs, front legs bent up inside. That's just from muscle strength. Yet how powerful bite . In endurance race tires bite, pitbull longest . With all sorts of attractions and sports in live , do not be surprised if this dog has been named as "the most powerful of dogs ".

Characteristic of Pitbull Dogs Care and Training

A figure similar to a Rottweiler. A little bit shorter, but more muscular, stocky, and strong. Thick skin and short hair. Medium body size. Weight 30-40 kg, and 40-50 cm high. Ideally, a large head with a center parting.

Medium and strong jaws. Not too sharp, not too short. Big hips and legs straight. Flat back and slightly down in the back. Having karaketer brave. Highly protective of his territory and his master. Look of grim but playful.

As an active dog, he needs a menu rich in protein and carbohydrates. To support the growth of bone, calcium supplementation is needed. They also must be able to perform the activity in the fitting portion .

Spacious yard ideal for those needs. The event ran in the morning or evening should be routinely performed. Aggressive nature can be erased with a habit of living in a loving atmosphere . To be used as a guard dog, avoid like the pitbull dog training fighting dogs . It can raise its nature .

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