Cute Puppy Pictures Shetland Sheepdog

CUTE PUPPY PICTURES SHETLAND SHEEPDOG - is one of dog from original Scotland Race, and why this dog has have a nickname Shetland Sheepdog, so this is one of CUTE PUPPY PICTURES SHETLAND SHEEPDOG, Body sized to fit employed as a shepherd in the meadow Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Common traits

Shetland Sheepdog looks like a miniature Collie dog, but not from the processing Collie dog genetics. Sheltie and Collie have striking differences in physical characteristics. Sheltie dog known to be intelligent and adaptable to other family members. This breed is suited invited to live in an apartment or house in the countryside.

Fur consists of two layers, the upper layer of coarse and long, while the bottom layer is short and smooth. Long and dense fur in various colors and patterns. Sheltie dog likes to bark when it sees a stranger. Health problems often experienced not much, among other hip dysplasia (HD) and abnormalities of the thyroid gland.

Size: Medium and slim
Weight: 4.5 kg to 18 kg

Height: Approximately 13-16 inches (33 to 40.6 cm) can be more or less

Fur: Two layers and long, rough top layer, bottom layer thick, smooth, and meetings

Color: Sable (light brown) and white, three colors (black, dark brown, and white), blue merle, sable merle, bi-blue merle (blue merle and white), bi-black (black and white), color-headed white (white gene factor with other colors), and double-merle

Head: Long, shaped letter "V", the meeting snout and brow clear

Teeth: Teeth cut, the number of 42 pieces

Eyes: almond shape (brown, except merle Sheltie color or silver with blue eyes), dark eye color

Ear: Small, lithe, tall, one third of the ear tip bends toward the front

Tails: Bone must reach back elbow

Leg: oval shape and small

So if you seen the movie title "leslie dog" is one of them CUTE PUPPY PICTURES SHETLAND SHEEPDOG

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