How To Take Care of Akita Inu Puppies

How To Take Care of Akita Inu Puppies - A few things to note in training dogs, At birth, talented dogs can quickly reach the nipple mothers dog .Exercise can start with olfactory exercise in dogs , with dog food in order to keep the position of the dog smell becomes more refined .

Concentration dog will be properly trained on the dog reaches the age of 6-8 months,you should immediately start training at this age-old .Avoid physical exercise in dogs at a young age ( 6-8 months ) such as excessive running , or jumping up and down , because at that age the muscle dogs are still fragile , and not too strong sustain his weight .

Excercised energetic dog in order to advance to the play throwing the ball as early inducement in order to move the dog to do something.Always do praise the dog after dog obey you , praise can be done with the dog or patting motion with spoken words.Keep the movement or words of praise you are not changing so the dog does not get confused and can immediately memorize your intent .

Avoid physical punishment in dogs who do not understand your command , it will cause the dog objected to perform your next command .

So this is tips How To Take Care of Akita Inu Puppies

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